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Come visit the Doctor a friendly one to one chat will prove why Dr. Reitter is a highly regarded and reputable practice! His staff will also care to all your detailed and most vital concerns. Born and studied in France, Dr. Reitter has been in practice for over 30 years and has touched on all aspects of general dentistry.

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Located in the serene landscape of the San Gabriel Mountains, situated comfortably and conveniently in the beautiful city of La Canada. We are a patient-centered, care-driven professional practice, with a friendly staff catered to assist your questions and needs.

We specialize in Biomimetic principles, which is the reconstruction of teeth to emulate their esthetic and natural form and function. It is the most conservative approach to treating fractured and decayed teeth. It keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial invasion. By conserving as much tooth structure as possible, we can eliminate the need for many crowns and root canals.

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Patients Testimonials


First off, Dr. Reitter is one of the most professional dentists you might ever meet. The waiting room, restroom and other areas are pristine. The assistants including his front desk assistant are kind and sweet. I am happy with the quality of the varying dental care he has given. If you've been afraid to go to the dentist or haven't been in years, he will put you at ease with his professionalism and expertise (which was the case for me). I actually look forward to visiting. My experience here has opened my eyes to the difference between taking care of my dental health and receiving dental "care". With Dr. Reitter's office you have a chance to do both!

Liz M.


The best dentist that I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have met and worked with many. I am always pleased. Dr. Is so professional. Mrs. that runs the front is so polite, honest and hardworking. I really liked their assistant Charlie but she went back to school. I am highly recommending this team to take care of you and your family.

Jenny H.


Dr. Reitter is perhaps the most professional, competent and efficient dentist I've ever had. I discovered he's a second- or third-generation dentist, so this is practically in his blood. The office is super clean and the equipment is state-of-the-art and modern. The dental X-ray took a rotating one of my entire teeth in a minute or so. His assessment was precise. If you experience a discomfort or phobia of the dentist's chair, you will most feel quite at ease here. I'm okay with dentists. I've gone through the wringer on orthodontic work when I was a child to handle my Bugs Bunny overbite. Many visits and some extremely uncomfortable procedures. I don't have a back-off or am phobic, but visiting the dentist has never been a pleasurable experience. I did not experience with him at all. He also educates properly and answers all of your questions. I also discovered he does SAFE removal of amalgam fillings, which I've been seeking for quite a while. I didn't get the receptionist's name but she had a friendly and caring demeanor, a rarity with most medical or dental offices.

Emanuel S.


Dr. Reitter is soooo amazing! I love him and his wife a lot. They are very professional and sweet. My teeth have actually never looked better. I saw in one of the comments someone wrote that he only did a consultation and didn't actually work on their teeth which pissed that person off, well I can tell you the reason for that is so he can study each persons case before working on them (cause he actually cares and wants to develop a case).. I typically would not enjoy going to the dentists but I actually enjoy going to Reitter a lotttt. My teeth feel healthier and better, highly suggest him for all your dental needs and questions. He's so nice he even gave me samples of toothpaste. Plus you can practice some French with him!:)

Sareen K.


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Dr. Reitter was born in Colmar, France, where he graduated in 1989 with a dentistry degree from the famous Louis Pasteur University. The doctor has five other diplomas in the fields of Biology, Prosthodontics, Periodontology and Implantology.

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