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Jean F. Reitter, DDS

Dr. Reitter was born in Colmar, France, where he graduated in 1989 with a dentistry degree from the famous Louis Pasteur University.

other diplomas in the fields of Biology, Prosthodontics, Periodontology and Implantology. His 30 plus years experience has touched all aspects of general dentistry, including molar RCT, Implantology, surgical extractions, crown and bridge work, and the removal of harmful amalgams.

He is licensed to practice in France, Switzerland and California. He speaks fluently German and French and his staff speaks Armenian and Persian.

Dr. Reitter is Married with two beautiful children and belongs to lineage of practicing dentists that date back for almost 100 years!

The Reitter Family Proudly Committed to Providing Exceptional Dental Care. Since 1923

Camille Reitter (standing) 1896-1969 Marcel Reitter (siting) 1923-1983

Uncle: Anton Lohr practiced 1947-1978

My Dad: Francois Reitter practiced 1963-1999


Dr. Reitter practices dentistry with passion and excellence

Dr.Jean F.Reitter former assistant professor at Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, Division of Restorative Sciences.

Best Dentist: Glendale, CA: Dr Jean Reitter Dentist Interview


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Our Testimonials

  • Lilit A.

    Wonderful dentist! He is very gentle and doesn't hurt you. Office is clean. Receptionist is pleasant and professional. It's easy to make appointments and the location is easy to find. I highly recommend this office.
    Lilit A.
  • Jenny H.

    The best dentist that I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have met and worked with many. I am always pleased. Dr. Is so professional. Mrs. that runs the front is so polite, honest and hardworking. I really liked their assistant Charlie but she went back to school. I am highly recommending this team to take care of you and your family.
    Jenny H.
  • Melissa P.

    Absolute Dental Care is an Absolute delight! Well, nobody loves going to the dentist, sure, but Dr. Reitter and his team truly make each visit special and painless! Not only does he come from a long generation of dentists, but he is HONEST, passionate, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and won't have you do unnecessary procedures, unlike others... He is gentle and explains everything before proceeding. His equipment is top of the line and super modern. Not only that, but the cherry on top is that this office truly has the most competitive prices in town! They also accept Care Credit, which can be helpful, and their rates are extremely low compared to other dental practices. As if aaaaall this wasn't enough, his wife Carlinta always welcomes you at the front desk with a big smile and she is super friendly and sweet! Dr. Reitter's assistant is a treat, too! She makes everything easy and "fun", and her bedside manners are impeccable. I'm running out of space for this review but I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that I have found this dental practice, and I would highly recommend it to anyone out there! I'd give them 10 stars if I could!:)
    Melissa P.
  • Cecile L.

    Dr Reitter and the lady who welcomed me are true gems! Sweet, available, really professional, fast and good working, and French!! The office was super clean and nice as well. I'm so happy I found them! I recommend 1000% and will definitely come back for check-ups. Merci encore Dr Reitter :)
    Cecile L.
  • Edgar S.

    Where do I begin...Ohh yes! I will begin by thanking Dr. Reitter for his excellent knowledge in dentistry. This man is truly a master in his game, and I don't say that lightly, because I have probably had seven "dentists" in my life and one way or another their primary goal was the $. With Dr. Reitter, I trust him 100% of what he advises and does, and believe me when I tell you: I feel good knowing that my dentist's main concern is to look out for my best interest. (You will rarely find that in Los Angeles). His wife works at the front desk, she is also a good person, whenever I walk in, I am confident of myself that I am under a great care. Thank you for everything!
    Edgar S.
  • Gary B.

    I have been coming to this office for years. I currently live about an hour away, but refuse to go to any dental office other than Absolute Dental Care. Their skills, professionalism, and kindness is second to none! I have referred countless friends and family members to this practice, and everyone of them feels the same exact way. Don't waste your time with any other dentist. Absolute Dental Care is what you've been looking for!
    Gary B.
  • Maziyar K.

    I am so lucky to be a patient at Absolute Dental Care for almost 4 years. They are professional, caring and honest. Dr. Reitter is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and takes his job seriously. He communicates the problem and options clearly and keep you informed during the procedure. His wife, Carlinta is also very professional and welcoming. She goes extra mile to help with making/rescheduling appointments and dealing with insurance stuff. On top of professional work, they are great humans which is a bonus! I have visited many different dental offices in my life and Absolute Dental Care has been my best experience so far. I highly recommend them!
    Maziyar K.
  • Grace M.

    Dr. Reitter is amazing! I have been a patient of his for over three years and I am extremely happy with Dr. Reitter's knowledgeability and his diligence. He and his staff are very kind and very welcoming. I feel like I'm at home!! The place is immaculate which is very comforting. I'm grateful for Dr. Reitter and Carlita
    Grace M.
  • Cass B.

    Dr Reitter is extremely knowledgeable and diligent. He is very patient and explains everything thoroughly. His assistant is also very kind and helpful. And they are honest people. Also, I came here during Covid and they are very careful and take all of the necessary precautions (temperature check, masks, hand sanitizer, they even have a single use spot for your mask before you get in the chair). I definitely recommend, great dentist!
    Cass B.
  • Arpa B.

    The patient care at Absolute Dental is professional and respectful to patients. As a family run business, the wife, Karlinta, handles the office work while Jean is the dentist. Their care and kindness is insurmountable. I really appreciate Karlinta's welcoming nature as well as her professionalism. Jean is always kind and takes his time with each patient to ensure that each person receives the proper care.
    Arpa B.
  • Adam L.

    I'm so blessed to have Dr Jean Reitter, as my dentist because he's conscientious, attentive to his patients and honest. His work he has done on my teeth is amazing. The staff of the dental office is very welcoming, efficient, professional and friendly. I highly recommend Dr Reitter and his team ever.
    Adam L.
  • Rachel J.

    I've been going to Dr. Jean for a few years, and it's seriously changed my perspective on dentist visits. I used to hate dentist visits but ever since coming here I felt so comfortable. I took my dental health more seriously right before COVID hit, and during quarantine they kept the facility clean and practiced serious precaution. They still do now even as restrictions lift. They're so accommodating and make sure your visit is not at all intimidating, they also tell you exactly what they can do for you which in my case - helped close a front tooth gap that has since made me feel more confident in my smile. I'll keep coming here until I no longer can, I absolutely adore Dr. Jean and his wife and recommend this office if you're looking to improve your dental health and not dread your dentist visits.
    Rachel J.
  • Anet S.

    By far the best dentist ever. His knowledge and his passion for what he loves to do is one of a kind. I felt comfortable being there and I have feared the dentist pretty much all my life. I trust his work.
    Anet S.
  • Sareen K.

    Dr. Reitter is soooo amazing! I love him and his wife a lot. They are very professional and sweet. My teeth have actually never looked better. I saw in one of the comments someone wrote that he only did a consultation and didn't actually work on their teeth which pissed that person off, well I can tell you the reason for that is so he can study each persons case before working on them (cause he actually cares and wants to develop a case).. I typically would not enjoy going to the dentists but I actually enjoy going to Reitter a lotttt. My teeth feel healthier and better, highly suggest him for all your dental needs and questions. He's so nice he even gave me samples of toothpaste. Plus you can practice some French with him!:)
    Sareen K.
  • Liz M.

    First off, Dr. Reitter is one of the most professional dentists you might ever meet. The waiting room, restroom and other areas are pristine. The assistants including his front desk assistant are kind and sweet. I am happy with the quality of the varying dental care he has given. If you've been afraid to go to the dentist or haven't been in years, he will put you at ease with his professionalism and expertise (which was the case for me). I actually look forward to visiting. My experience here has opened my eyes to the difference between taking care of my dental health and receiving dental "care". With Dr. Reitter's office you have a chance to do both!
    Liz M.
  • Emanuel S.

    Dr. Reitter is perhaps the most professional, competent and efficient dentist I've ever had. I discovered he's a second- or third-generation dentist, so this is practically in his blood. The office is super clean and the equipment is state-of-the-art and modern. The dental X-ray took a rotating one of my entire teeth in a minute or so. His assessment was precise. If you experience a discomfort or phobia of the dentist's chair, you will most feel quite at ease here. I'm okay with dentists. I've gone through the wringer on orthodontic work when I was a child to handle my Bugs Bunny overbite. Many visits and some extremely uncomfortable procedures. I don't have a back-off or am phobic, but visiting the dentist has never been a pleasurable experience. I did not experience with him at all. He also educates properly and answers all of your questions. I also discovered he does SAFE removal of amalgam fillings, which I've been seeking for quite a while. I didn't get the receptionist's name but she had a friendly and caring demeanor, a rarity with most medical or dental offices.
    Emanuel S.
  • Marilou D.

    I just had the last part of my dental surgery today. I thought that this day wouldn't come. Dr. Reitter and Carlita are the best. I'm still in the process of healing. But from the start until this day, they have been with me in this difficult time of my life. Now I can smile without any reservation. Thank you very much. I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but I'm confident to know that I have you guys to help me out. You treated me with utmost care and respect and I appreciate that. Not every dental office do nowadays. I work for 13 years right across from your office and never knew you guys. I thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Marilou D.
  • Kim C.

    Dr Reitter and his wife are just wonderful people. Coming from France and from a free health care system where Doctors and Dentists are not trying to oversell you any procedure, it was really annoying to end up going to the dentist in the United States. After going to 3 different dentists who tried to oversell me procedures such as deep cleanings with antibiotics injections in the gums, I said that's it! I'm done! I'm going to look for a French dentist in LA that I can trust and who will treat my teeth for what needs to be done. I'm beyond grateful I found Dr Reitter. He's a great professional that is talented and very nice. He's doing only what's necessary and explains everything to you. I don't feel pressured at all. I had a cavity and the procedure went really well, you can't even tell I had a cavity treated on my tooth since the work is so impeccable. I also had a regular cleaning, great job too. Teeth cleaner and whiter! I also chipped a tooth once and it fixed it, like nothing never happened, really amazing result! His wife who manges the front desk is great too! Very nice and welcoming, and a pro at medical billing so no surprise. Overall I really recommend Dr Reitter and his team. I enjoy going there and I'm really satisfied with everything. Don't hesitate a second!
    Kim C.
  • Marisol O.

    I love this place they make always make you feel so welcomed when you come in. The Dr Ritter even comes and introduces himself before you go in. The staff is very kind and sweet which really helps ease your nerves! I've been coming here for a a few years now and I have to say i can't imagine changing dentist. They take their time to speak to you and explain everything to you. I recommend Dr.Ritter to anybody he is amazing at his work!
    Marisol O.
  • Charles C.

    I just got my teeth cleaned by Dr. Reitner. I love that little machine they use. So much better than the old school way of cleaning with a pick. After many years of not cleaning my teeth, they feel so much better. I've always despised going to the dentist but now I am looking forward to going to the next visit. My daughter also is a patient and he always does such a wonderful job. Dr. Reitner and his wife are very warm and friendly people. Their female assistant is also wonderful and really kind and very skilled. They also have great taste in music too! Thank you Absolute Dental Care!
    Charles C.
  • R W.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Reitner for over 3 years. His professionalism & warm manner is such a fresh breath of air. He is not only very patient, but also very meticulous in his work. I will never go anywhere else. He is so good that I have referred family members here too. The front receptionist is always friendly & tries to accommodate my unpredictable schedule.
    R W.
  • Prashant L.

    Dr Reitter is great and he has great staff. My family has been seeing him since 3 years and we are very happy with the service. They are open on Saturdays which is great.
    Prashant L.
  • Debra D.

    Thank you for caring so much about your patients!!! You guys are so clean in your office anyway but you took it up a notch!!! Thank you I felt so safe. I appreciate how much extra you all did.
    Debra D.
  • Carolina Z.

    Let me just say that I have been to numerous dentists and Jean F. Reitter is LITERALLY a PROFFESSIONAL! I can just tell he has so much experience he is probably the best dentist in LA county! His wife is also very nice and very respectful! I would DEFINITELY recommend this family owned dentistry to all my friends and people I know!
    Carolina Z.
  • Sungshim P.

    When something is so good you can not help but share the goodness of it with others. That is how I feel about Absolute Dental Care. I just came from my first visit from it. My positive experience of this place began with how proactive and attentive they were: the staff (Dr. Ritter's wife at the front desk) took time to call me back to help me to set up an appointment. Dr. Ritter is calm, welcoming and skillful and his wife is joyful, attentive, and caring. The female assistant I had was also friendly and helpful. The atmosphere of this place is going to give you a sense that you are in a good hand. Hope many will experience the goodness of Dr. Ritter and his wife.
    Sungshim P.
  • Olga K.

    This review is long overdue and on behalf of my mom who has Denti-Cal and fortunate to find such a caring doctor through this very limited state dental insurance. The office space is clean and modern. The parking is easy and free and the hours of the business can fit to anyone's schedule (includes Saturday appointments). My mom has numerous dental issues that come from not taking care of her teeth when she was younger, not having proper insurance and hereditary. We have tried dentists without insurance and we have tried dentists through Denti-Cal. The previous one was a fail so I searched and found Dr. Reitter. All his staff was so caring and understanding with my mom (and she is hard to please). When she has had to get cavities filled, she said she never even felt the pain of the shot!! No numbness for hours on end afterwards as well. She has had cleanings and while Denti-Cal only pays for 1x per year, we pay out of pocket for the 2nd one. However, the cost of what they charge for a cleaning is 50% LESS than what we have paid at 2 other dental offices. So, there is no upselling or taking advantage of those who don't have PPO insurance. Unfortunately, dental care is expensive in the States, even if you have PPO insurance. That is why so many people go to Mexico for their dental work. So to blame the office staff for upselling is not fair to them or their skills and kindness. Note, Dr. Reitter DOESN'T have to take Denti-Cal insurance. But he does because he wants to serve a portion of the population (mostly seniors) that has been grossly abused and neglected. And for that, I thank him and his staff!!! So if you have Denti-Cal insurance, don't be scared to check out Absolute Dental Care...they care absolutely.
    Olga K.
  • Christina P.

    I first need to start of with I have a horrible fear of the dentist, and this is the first one I have been able to walk into. It started with the wife's voice on the phone, so comforting and reassuring for someone with my fear. It had been 27 years since I went, the Dr, has been very patient with my fear. Beyond gentle and understanding. The entire staff is fantastic, I have two insurances a minimal one from my part time job and Denti-Cal and they have been nothing but amazing dealing with the billing and letting me know what was going on. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a fear, and with any insurance, they don't seem to be in it for the money in anyway at all to me!
    Christina P.
  • Selineh P.

    Dr.Reitter is one of the best dentists that I've had. His work and attention to detail is something you will not get with others. He was able to fix my tooth with amazing results, where another dentist suggested I remove and get implants (the easy and costly solution). I've recommended family and friends to him and they all have great things to say about him. His wife is the most caring person and together they run a professional and honest business. It is very rare to find this level of care and expertise and I couldn't be happier. I will continue to use him and recommend him to all. Thank you Dr. Reitter!
    Selineh P.
  • Christopher P.

    I've visited Dr. Reitter/ AbsolutDent several times for fillings and cleanings, and I've always had a great experience... But today... Wow! I had a root canal, which I was frankly dreading. First off, I did not at ALL feel the anesthetic injection (that was a first for me), I was comfortable the whole time, and the ENTIRE root canal took just about forty minutes! Incredible. Not only that, the local anesthesia had started to mostly wear off just as I was leaving the office. I thought I was going to have to request Vicodin or Codeine, but I'm now at home, the anesthesia is almost fully gone, and I am in ZERO pain. I'm just absolutely stunned. What an excellent practice Dr. Reitter has. OH, and I need to state this, they are practicing the strictest of Covid-19 safety codes, and I felt protected the entire time! This doctor is simply the best.
    Christopher P.
  • David S.

    Been here twice now. I'd agree that Dr. Reitner, his wife (also Dr. Reitner) are very friendly and personable. I've never gotten the sense that they've ever tried to sell me on something that I didn't need, which is one of my pet peeves. I was expecting to pay a $10 copay the 2nd time around, but they told me it was completely free! Hey! Trust is something I value above everything when it comes to medical care and I have 100% trust in these guys. Knowledgeable, professional, personable, honest and experienced. 5 stars
    David S.

  • I found them on yelp based on their excellent reviews, and I am SO pleased to find those reviews were accurate. I went in for my first cleaning in a little over a year. I had returned to my childhood dentist after college, only to find they were no longer as good. Then I put off finding a new dentist for over a year due to my orthodontics. (Most dentists want the wires removed to do any cleaning or work, etc...but being that I live here and my ortho is in Redlands, that is a difficult situation). I am SO glad I came to Absolute Dental Care. He didn't mind my orthodontics at all, and completely cleaned around my braces with ease. Also, since I have pretty sensitive teeth (which has been worse due to a lack of dental visits), they warmed the water for me AND gave me numbing mouth wash. It was the most comfortable, and yet efficient and awesome cleaning I have ever had! I am very pleased! I cannot wait for next week to get one of my composites repaired, I am confident that that work will be equally stellar! The dentist isn't a fun trip for anyone, so it is nice to have found an excellent dentist that cares and shows it! OHHH - also, their office is equally as amazing!! Very clean, nice and high tech looking. All new equipment, and very clearly cared for. I love it!!!
  • Kelsi S.

    Recently my insurance changed, and the dentist I had been seeing for 20+ years, since I was a little kid, was out of network. I needed a routine cleaning, exam and x-rays and I was a bit freaked out to go somewhere new but found Dr. Reitter among a huge list of dentists in network and had a good feeling about going to see him. I was right! After leaving a message at the front desk Dr. Reitter personally called back to make sure I got the exact appointment time I wanted (on a Saturday), and he was there to shake my hand when I walked through the front door. Not only was the office very high-tech and comfortable, Dr. Reitter and his assistant were amazingly friendly and walked me though how they would take the x-rays which was a new state-of-the-art method I'd never experienced, getting to see the x-rays on a screen while they were being taken. Then, this is the best part, instead of the normal, painful cleaning/plaque removal process using a metal pick that feels like getting 200 shots in your gums, he used this awesome pen like tool that shoots out a super high power stream of water that basically pressure washes your teeth into smooth, gleaming, squeaky clean chompers. There were only a couple uncomfortable parts of this cleaning, the whole process lasted less than 10 minutes, and my teeth have never felt so clean. When I was all done Dr. Reitter told me if I refer a new patient to their office I can earn a free whitening treatment which is pretty awesome too, my old dentist gave me a $25 Starbucks card for a referral... not a $300 whitening treatment. Nuff said, I still love my old dentist but Dr. Reitter is the bomb!
    Kelsi S.
  • Jodi B.

    Just the best of the best! It starts at the front desk. The receptionist is so kind, caring, sweet and just a true pleasure. The dental assistant is also really great. She is gentle, explains what she is doing and is very thorough. Then there is the dentist, Dr. Reitter, he too is so kind, very gentle and seems to genuinely care about his patients comfort and well being. The office is modern and super clean. They also offer the most incredible painless cleaning system. It's truly amazing. I highly recommend this dental office. My son, my boyfriend and I are all patients and I would and will highly recommend Absolute Dental to ALL of my friends and family.
    Jodi B.
  • Ramona A.

    I have been going to Absolute Dental Care for more than six months and the experience has been wonderful. The dental care I get from Dr. Reitter and his wife who is the most nicest and sincerest person I have ever met and their staff is a Ten on a scale of 1-10. But beyond that, it is REALLY a pleasant experience to be in the office surrounded by honest, positive, happy and trustworthy people who have such outstanding professional qualities. They provide great care in a calming and friendly atmosphere. They explain everything at the beginning, what they are doing and why which puts your mind at ease. Just amazing all around. I recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing dentist who will give you the best care ever.
    Ramona A.
  • Ziba E.

    I had deep clean up at absolute dental care and I''m so happy with my treatment. My teeth become so white that I don't need zoom whitening. Dr. Jean Reitter is very patient and knowledgeable. The whole process was great from start to finish. He has a very nice office and lovely assistance. I would strongly recommend him. He is very professional and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
    Ziba E.
  • R V.

    Well had my follow-up for my root canal work, and within 10 minutes - and no pain - I had Dr. Jean Reitter and his assistant Yvet, extract half my tooth - he was able to save the other half of my tooth. The procedure was painless and again took 10 minutes. After spending about 20 minutes listening to my options before the procedure and me providing my input to the Dr., we moved forward with the extraction. 4 hours later the soreness from the extraction is almost gone. Thanks, Dr. Reitter, Ruben
    R V.
  • Lisa T.

    Dr. Reitter and his staff are wonderful. It is a lovely office and Dr. Reitter takes the time to explain everything. He is so personable as is his staff. It is an added bonus as a working mom with two school-age children that he is available after 5:00 & on Saturdays. Although my insurance is no longer available, I will continue to see Dr. Reitter because I was so impressed with his practice.
    Lisa T.
  • Yvette M.

    Absolute Dental office is an excellent dental office. The staff are most friendly, personable and accommodating. Most importantly Dr Reitter is genuinely caring Doctor. I was impressed with Dr Reitter s. professionalism, attention to detail and personable approach. dr Reitter takes pride in his work and is consistent in his approach. He takes his time for every procedure and he also educates you before he starts his work. I highly recommend this office for
    Yvette M.

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